Thursday, May 31, 2007

Rollin', Rollin', Rollin'...

...Emmy started rollin'! I was making dinner and Emmaline was laying on the kitchen floor on her back watching the ceiling fan. I was doing something at the stove and when I turned around she was on her stomach. I was so surprised that I flipped her over just to see if she could do it again, which she did. What a strong girl!

Monday, May 28, 2007

Happy Memorial Day!

We didn't have anything big planned for today. Nathan's dad had surgery last week and my family was in Texas visiting Andy (who just finished basic training for the Air National Guard), so the people we normally celebrate with weren't available. Plus, Nathan had to work at Kroger and DPD and Ellie had a fever (turns out she had roseola). I did get the kids together in their patriotic clothes for some pictures though. In the evening, we grilled hotdogs, ate corn on the cob, and drank blackberry, strawberry, and banana milkshakes. Yummy!

Jacob reads to his baby sissy.

Sisters and Best Friends

Friday, May 25, 2007

Congratulations Andy!

As of today, Andy is officially done with basic training for the Air National Guard. Mom, Dad, and Katie flew down to San Antonio, Texas for the ceremony and a visit before he headed to Biloxi, Mississippi for tech. school. They had a good time going to the movies, seeing the Alamo, and enjoying the good food. We are so proud of Andy and the hard work he has put it!

Sing your heart out!

Yesterday, Ellie, Emmy and I were headed to the grocery. Ellie was sitting in the back of the van singing to our Sunday school songs dvd. She is so cute because even if she doesn't know the words, she still tries to sing along. Her favorite song right now is "Jesus Loves Me". I had to chuckle when the next song came on though because she is singing as loud and she can and her version went like this: "Joshua fought the battle of cherry coke..." How cute is that! I didn't have the heart to tell her she had gotten the words wrong...maybe next trip.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Bird's Nest

We've had a bird's nest in a porch light since last winter. We decided yesterday that we should take it out so it wouldn't start a fire. Wouldn't you know that when Nathan took it down there were 4 teeny-tiny eggs in it?! The kids were excited to see them and it looks like we'll be without a porch light until the eggs hatch.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

3 Months Old!

On Monday, Emmaline turned 3 months old. It is hard to believe how fast the time has gone and how much she has changed. When she was born, I wasn't sure how I'd handle being the mom of a special needs baby, but now I honestly can't imagine anything else. Sure, we have more dr.'s appts. than most, but other than that Emmy is just like any other baby. She is such a sweetheart who loves to laugh and cuddle. I'm so glad God picked me to be her mommy!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Play day with the Johansens

We spent the morning with my friend, Grace, and her kids, Luke and Hannah Grace. Grace and I taught together at DC and Jacob and Luke were born only 5 days apart. We seem to like being pregnant at the same time because Ellie and Hannah Grace are 4 1/2 months apart and Grace is pregnant with another baby boy due in July. The kids had a ton of fun running around in their huge backyard and the weather (although a little hot) was great. Grace and I had a good time visiting as well. It's so nice to talk to other moms in the same phase of parenting that you are in.

Ellie rides the tractor.

Hannah Grace and Grace making Emmy smile

Jacob and Luke play tag

Monday, May 21, 2007

Strong Man

Nathan and our neighbor, Clay, really enjoy weight-lifting. They stand at the fence in the backyard and talk a lot about lifting weights, buying weights, making get the picture. Their new thing is to figure out how to make their own weight-lifting equipment for cheap. Clay got a mold and make his own concrete ball that weighs 175 lbs. Nathan was really proud of himself when he was able to lift it (although his shoulders and elbows are still recovering!).

Clay and Nathan also have their own logs to lift. That's right...they think it is fun to lift a tree. Nathan's is just a log that he can lift and throw around the backyard. Clay added a weightbar to his so that he can add weight to the end of the log to make it heavier. Here is Nathan with Clay's log.

Boys and their toys...

Sunday, May 20, 2007


Today I thought I was going to the park with Nathan and the kids to play. However, when we got to Indian Riffle Park, I was greeted by family and friends with a Surprise 30th Birthday Party. Mom and Katie worked really hard on the delicious food and it was so nice to visit with everyone. If you were there, thanks for making my 30th b-day so special. And thanks to my wonderful hubby, mom, and lil' sis for planning such a fun party!

Mom made this beautiful cake. The pic. is from when I was 8 months old!

Friends since 1982.
Becky and I show off our matching shoes!

Friday, May 18, 2007

The Big 3-0!

Well, I am officially 30! Can't say that it feels much different than 29 though. Nathan took the kids and I to see Shrek 3 (hilarious!) and then Mom brought over banana split cake for dessert after dinner. It was a fun day!

Make a wish!

Jacob shows off his muscles!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Fitted for Hearing Aids

Today Emmaline was fitted for hearing aids. She did really well considering she had to sit still while they injected something similar to modeling clay into her ear. Seeing as I wanted her hearing aids to match all of her outfits, I got them in clear with silver glitter. She'll be one stylin' baby when she gets them on June 13th. Here is her weekly pic. and another of her first laugh (talk about good timing with the camera):

What's so funny, Miss Emmy?!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

My Mother's Day Gift

I forgot to post this on the Mother's Day entry, but couldn't resist adding it now. The kids made me a pot of "flowers". It is the cutest thing and they were so proud when they gave it to me. Nathan's parents watch Jacob and Ellie every Thursday evening and they helped the kids paint each egg carton flower, put it on pipe cleaners and "plant" it in the coffee can pot. It was a great surprise that made my day extra special.

Here are the flowers again and a trivet that I had made to give to my Mom, Nathan's mom, and his grandmother. It turned out so cute that I had to give myself one too!

DS Clinic and Cincinnati Zoo

Today we visited the DS Clinic at Cincy Children's. Emmy was looked at by a ST and OT. They watched her nurse to make sure she wasn't having any feeding issues and were happy that she was so vocal (despite her hearing issues). Then, two MDs that specialize in DS patients met with us. Everyone seems really impressed with her health and progress up to this point. We plan to visit the clinic every 6 months so they can see how she is progressing.

After we were done at the clinic, we met my parents and the kids at the zoo (across the street from the hospital). It was a hot day, but everyone had fun. We had a good time seeing all of the animals. Emmy slept through most of it, but Jacob and Ellie loved running from one site to the next. By the end of the day, everyone was worn out and Ellie screamed 1/4 of the way home because she wanted out of her car seat. We all took baths and went to bed early for some much needed rest (okay...I stayed up to watch the last episode of Gilmore Girls, but I went to bed after that!).

Jacob in his safari hat

Ellie enjoys cotton candy after lunch

Emmy in her stroller

Overnight at Mimi and Papaw's!

While Nathan and I got ready to go to the Down Syndrome Clinic in Cincinnati, the kids spent the night with Mom and Dad. It was Ellie's first night away from home, but she did fine. They had lots of fun playing video games, eating waffles and poptarts for breakfast, and then we met them at the zoo on Tuesday.

Sweet dreams, Jacob!

Good night, sleep tight Ellie!

Freckles curls up next to Jacob.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

New Garage Door and Back Porch

Nathan and his dad were very busy this week.
On Thursday they put in a new garage door and on Friday they put in a new back porch.
Both look great and we appreciate all of their hard work.

Nathan works on the new garage door.

Watching Daddy tear out the old porch.

Nathan & Kevin put in the new porch.

What a cutie in her new hat!

Jake & Ellie enjoy their pool.

Pardon the mess in the background. I was cleaning off all their outdoor toys from the garage. =)

Happy Mother's Day

Today was Mother's Day and boy, was it busy! We had church in the morning, went to lunch with Katie, and then spent the rest of the afternoon preparing food for dinner. Nathan's family and mine came over for a Mother's Day brunch (yes, I know it wasn't between breakfast and lunch, but we served brunch foods..maybe I should coin the phrase "linner" instead =). It was a lot of fun to have family over to visit and the food turned out great.

Emmy turned 11 weeks on Wed. and had her appt. with the ENT on Thursday. Even though she passed two hearing tests with her right ear, she has developed some sort of congestion in it. The dr. couldn't find fluid in either one of her ears, so tubes aren't an option. She gets fitted for hearing aids on Thursday, 5/17. I hate that she has to wear them, but can't wait to see how she reacts when she can "really" hear my voice. This must be the week for dr.'s appts. as we are traveling to the Down syndrome Clinic at Cincinnati Children's on Tuesday, 5/15. The appt. will take several hours, so Mom and Dad are taking Jacob and Ellie to the Cincy Zoo (across the street from the hospital), and then we'll meet them there when we are done.
Here are a few cute pics. from this week.

Emmy (a.k.a. Mini-Jake) at 11 weeks

Emmaline smiles at her big brother

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

10 Weeks Old!

Emmaline is 10 weeks old today. She is pushing up on her arms and smiles all the time now. She starts physical therapy next Tuesday and will meet with the PT once a month for now because so far she has no delays.

Emmy has discovered her hands in the past 2 weeks and is starting to suck on them. Last night I even caught her sucking her thumb. I was hoping she would take a pacifier because that habit is easier to break, but now it looks like she'll be a thumb-sucker like her big sis. Oh well, maybe we'll get lucky and she'll quit on her own when she gets a little bigger. Or maybe we'll have to bribe her with getting her ears pierced like my parents did with me when I still sucked my fingers in kindergarten.

Water Fun!

Yesterday was really hot out (almost 90 degrees!). Mom was watching Jacob and Ellie while Nathan and I ran some errands and she decided to let the kids cool off in the driveway. They had a blast and were totally soaked by the time they were done.

Ellie waits to fill her bucket

Jacob dunks his sister in his bucket

Emmaline's Baby Dedication

Emmaline was dedicated at church on Sunday. It was a great service, although it made me cry (big surprise, I know!). We had lots of family and our neighbors, Clay and Julie, come to pray with us. It is wonderful to have so many people praying that Nathan and I will be Godly parents and make the right choices for our children. Afterwards, we went to Marion's Piazza to celebrate the special day.

Me and My angel, Emmaline

Ellie, Mom, Katie, Jacob, Emmy, and Dad

Grandpa John, Ginger, Emmy, Granddaddy, Mema, and Kevin