Thursday, October 30, 2008

Trick-or-Treat 2008

Following our yearly tradition, we had our parents, Nathan's grandparents, and our brothers over for an evening of festivities. We ate dinner, and then, Nathan and David took Jacob and Ellie trick-or-treating around the neighborhood while the rest of us stayed back at the house to pass out candy and entertain Emmaline. She still wasn't feeling that great, so we kept her inside for the most part. Jacob and Ellie came back with lots of candy which I have been enjoying way too much.

Mommy and Emmaline

We borrowed Emmy's costume from a friend. It cracked me up because it had a stinger on the back to complete the bumble bee look.

Jacob also went as "Bumble Bee" from the Transformers

Gabrielle was the cutest "Snow White" I've ever seen.

Jacob's pumpkin, in all its scariness

I'm pretty proud of how Dora turned out

Trick-or-Treat, Grandma

Look at all this yummy candy!

New Boonshoft Exhibit

A new exhibit opened at our local children's museum. It is neat because it shows how science and toys relate. The kids had so much fun playing with and testing everything.

Ellie, Daddy, and Jacob go fishing

Where's Emmaline?

Spinning tops

Showing off her walking skills

Building a domino track

Emmaline and Ellie liked the boats

Emmy likes to crawl into small spaces

Drawing a picture for Mommy

One last crawl through the tunnel before we left

The Old Shed Finds a New Home

The old shed from Nathan's parents' backyard made its way to our backyard today. We have big plans for what we want to put in it. I just hope that it all fits!

Thankfully, it's not too heavy! Here it's being lifted over the fence by our driveway.

Now, it's being carried across the backyard.

Here it's being lowered into place.

Right now Jacob and Ellie are using it as a play house. I know they'll be sad when we fill it up and they can't use it anymore. Remember the flowerbed that I redid in the spring? The door of the shed comes right up to it, so next spring, I'll have to do some plant moving in order to keep them from getting trampled.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Home Group Halloween Party

Tonight, our home group from church had a Halloween party for the kids. The kids all wore their costumes and we grilled out for dinner. We had also intended to make s'mores over the fire, but it was too dark and cold, so we opted to microwave them instead. They were just as yummy.

Nathan and Emmaline both have colds, so they stayed home and spent the evening together. He commented on the quietness of the house when there's only one kid around. It's amazing how you forget the sound of quiet as you add more kids to the family.

Ellie, Emma, and Jacob

Madilyn, Ellie, and Noelle

The kids at the dinner table

Ellie shows off her sticky fingers

A Sweet Smile from my Jacob

Carving Pumpkins

Today during Emmaline's nap, we carved pumpkins with Jacob and Gabrielle. It's not my favorite thing to do (especially cleaning all the goop from the inside), but the kids really enjoy it, so that makes it worth it.

Ellie and Mommy clean out the seeds



Jacob and Daddy discuss his design
(Notice the paper next to Jacob's arm...he drew out his design
so Daddy knew exactly what to carve.)

Ellie and her "Dora" pumpkin

Jacob and his scary pumpkin


Awhile back, Pam gave me this award because she enjoyed reading my blog. Sadly, it has taken me way too long to accept it. So, thanks Pam for being a faithful reader and I proudly accept this blogging award. You are so sweet!

Now, I'm supposed to pass this award on to 7 people whose blogs I enjoy reading, so here goes:

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Emmaline's 18-month pictures

These were supposed to be Emmaline's 18-month pics., but they weren't taken until she was 19-months old. I realized today as I posted Ellie's pics. that I never posted these. They were taken at the end of September. She is looking less like a baby and more like a toddler these days.

Gabrielle's 4-year Pics.

We had these pictures taken of Ellie a couple weeks ago. It's hard to believe that she is 4 years old now. She looks so grown up! She got the ballerina outfit from Aunt Katie for her birthday.