Monday, April 27, 2009

Sweet Sunshine!

It is supposed to be rainy the next several days, so we took the kids to the park to enjoy the sunshine. Emmaline is discovering the fun of parks and Jacob and Ellie make friends with whoever else happens to be there.

Emmaline going down the slide
By the end of the evening, she also figured out how to climb back up the slide
Ellie on the huge slide on the hill
Jacob loved spinning...I'm surprised he didn't make himself sick!
Swinging is one of Emmy's fav. things to do at the park


Becky :) said...

where is this?

Jen said...

It's at Shoup Park off Dayton-Xenia (across from the Mcdonald's near Fairfield Rd.). They have lots of playground equipment. The only negative is that the only restroom is a port-o-john.

Pam said...

I haven't visited for a couple of weeks and can't believe the changes - how grown up Emmaline is, Jacob's new hair cut, and Ellie looks like a young girl. Time flies so fast.
That park looks GREAT. Especially that big slide down the hill

Emily said...

I'm getting caught up on your blog - I have to remember to make a special trip over here these days. :) But I saw that pic of the big slide and had total flashbacks to childhood. That is an awesome slide - it's been there for a long time, unless they replaced it...