Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Jacob really loves going to AWANA each Wednesday. This month had several activites. First, Nathan and I joined him for Parents' Night. It was nice to see what he does every week. We also played the same games that he does. It was pretty funny to see all of us 30-something parents on our hands and knees doing the "Sparky Crawl".

Jacob also participated in crazy shoe night. Daddy helped him with his shoes made of bubble wrap and cardboard. Of, course, they couldn't stop at just making a pair of boots, so they also made a vest and hat, complete with bubble wrap serpent. Needless to say, Jacob was voted as having the best outfit in his group.
Being a flagbearer
Jacob was so excited to be picked as a flag bearer when we were there for parents' night.
Jacob's Crazy Costume

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