Saturday, February 6, 2010

Usborne Regionals

Janine and I made a very harried trip to Kentucky today to attend our first Usborne Regional Convention. It wouldn't have been a bad drive except that we got 6 inches of snow last night. We could not be deterred though, so we left extra early and took our time. It was a little scary when a lady spun out on the highway right in front of us, but amazingly, she slid around and behind our car, so we continued on our merry way without incident.

The hotel where convention was being held was like stepping back in time. It's called "The Drawbridge Inn" and was decorated with armor, weapons, and other things from the Renaissance time period. The convention was really great. We got to meet some new people, and learned a few things to help us grow our businesses. After convention, we went to dinner at Montgomery Inn with our supervisor, Sherry, and her daughter, Jessica. My sister, Katie, who lives in Cincy and my brother Andy, and his fiance, drove across the river to eat with us too.
To help deter grafitti in the bathrooms at the hotel where convention was held, they had chalkboards hung on the wall of each stall. Janine left me a note in the bottom corner.

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