Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Cubbies Parent's Night

It was Parent's Night at AWANA for Emmaline's Cubbies group, so I went and spent the evening with her. It was fun to see her in action!
Game Time
Eating a snack
I really enjoyed the evening, but this part really got to me. Since it was Parent's Night, they had cookies for the kids and parents to enjoy during snack time. The leaders told the kids that if they wanted another cookie, they should ask for one. When Emmy finished her cookie, she signed "cookie", but no one paid attention to her, so while everyone else got another cookie, she did not. I know this wasn't intentional, but it still made me sad that she was overlooked.
(Edited to add: Since this night, I've talked with her Cubbies leaders and we've made a few changes to help Emmaline get the most out of AWANA. She now has a buddy (a teenager from the church) that sticks with her the entire evening and pays attention to her to make sure that she doesn't get overlooked when she does sign something. I am so appreciative of their willingness to include and modify things for Emmaline to make her feel part of the group.)
Reading a story with Mrs. Cathy

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