Monday, June 15, 2009

Cabin Fun

We met all of my siblings (3 sisters and 1 brother) at this cabin outside of Gatlinburg. It was great having everyone together. We hadn't seen my oldest sister and her family in over two years, so it was nice having them with us. The cabin had a pool table, air hockey table, arcade machine, and hot tub. When we weren't out having fun, there was lots to keep us busy.
My nephew, Andy, and my brother, Andy
(just as confusing as it sounds!)
My sister, Angel, and her husband, Gary
Jacob and Kayla
By the end of the trip, Kayla was calling "Yakie" her best friend
Colton and Jacob playing Kinex
Gary grilling carne asada in the rain
Before the trip, we joked with Angel and Gary that they needed to bring this yummy steak with them from California. A couple days before we left, a package arrived at my parents' house filled with 15 lbs. of steak and lots of dry ice. We drove it down to the cabin and it was delicious!
Kayla and Jacob playing air hockey
Mommy and her girls
Kayla during the water fight
Andy and Nathan practicing on the upper deck
Jacob and Ellie's "room"
It was actually the walk-in closet in our bedroom, but they loved having their own private space.
Kayla and Jacob playing video games
Emmy hiding in the cabinet
Aunt Katie, Emmy, and Ellie on the deck

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