Sunday, December 27, 2009

17 years and counting!

We met our friends from high school for Christmas dinner tonight at Brio. Afterward, we braved a snow storm and drove to Mark's parent's house for dessert. Nathan's parents kept the kids overnight for us, so it was nice to visit and not worry about getting home.

This is our 17th year to get together, which is nice since we don't usually see each other during the year. Pictured above are: Chris and Becky McCaskey, Me and Nathan, Melissa and Aaron Harlow, and Bethany and Mark Scheffler. I've known Becky and Nathan since kindergarten, Melissa since 5th grade, and Mark since 4th grade. I love that I'm still friends with people that I grew up with. Life has taken us in different directions, but we always pick up where we left off when we do meet up. This next year should be our 15-yr. high school reunion, so maybe I'll get to see them twice next year!

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