Sunday, November 21, 2010

Literacy for a Lifetime

I completed my first Literacy for a Lifetime program this month! Basically, LFL is a 50% grant-matching program offered by Usborne Books & More. A company or group of people donates any amount of money (minimum of $200) and then Usborne will give that amount plus 50% more in books to the organization of their choice. The organization can also choose up to 50% more in books from our Spanish-match list to make the most of the donation.

I really fell in love with what the program can provide when I went to Usborne's national convention in Tulsa, OK in July. I mentioned a little about it on Facebook and was contacted almost immediately by someone from church. Her company supports a charter school here in Dayton, and she wanted to have a fundraising luncheon to earn money to get books for the school. At the fundraiser, they raised $600! Because the school opted to take advantage of the Spanish-match titles in addition to the regular donation, they received $1200 worth of brand-new books for their school. The boxes pictured above hold those precious books and the principal was absolutely thrilled when I dropped them off this week.

If your company likes to support your local community, or if you and a group of friends would like to make a donation to a preschool, daycare, or other organization, please contact me via my website.

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