Thursday, May 15, 2008

Dayton Police Awards Ceremony at Carillon Park

The DPD Police Award Ceremony was held at Carillon Park today. It was supposed to rain, but the day turned out beautiful...a blessing because the ceremony was outdoors. After the ceremony, we were able to walk around the park for FREE. The highlight was the Dayton Police History Exhibit that just opened in the transportation pavillion.
It was a little windy to start out with, but Emmaline stayed toasty in her blanket.
Nathan's friend, Wendy (in the middle), was promoted to Sergeant
Jacob loved the police motorcycle
Gabrielle by a cruise from the '60s
Jacob by a cruiser just like Daddy drives

The Call Boxes

In honor of the 24 Fallen Dayton Officers

Jacob and Ellie out for a drive

A Sugar Camp Cabin
These cabins were used during WW II to house the Navy WAVES who worked on a special code breaking operation at National Cash Register. Nathan's grandma was a WAVE and stayed in one of these cabins during that time. She and Granddaddy met while they were both working at NCR. It was neat to see Mema's picture on the wall when we went into this cabin.


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