Sunday, May 25, 2008

A Graduation Open House

Nathan's twin cousins, Kyle and Kayla, are graduating from high school, so we went to his Aunt Karen and Uncle Tim's house to celebrate. They live out in the country and have lots of room for the kids to run. It was good visiting with everyone and Jacob and Ellie had fun exploring.

Emmaline was pretty grumpy with no nap, but she did like reading in the grass.

Jacob really enjoyed his Sprite that Grandma let him pick out.

Uncle Tim likes to fix cars and there were several for the kids to look at. Thankfully, we have at least 13 years before Ellie can even think about getting her license.

Jacob really likes ATVs, but he knows that we won't let him ride them (especially not without a helmet). He has already told us, "When I get bigger and have a boy, I'm gonna buy him a little ATV and I'm gonna buy myself a big one."

Nathan took this picture to prove that we were at the party too.

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