Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Cincinnati Zoo

Today we met my friend, Jen, and her kids, Ethan and Ella, at the zoo. When we planned this trip, we were afraid that it might be too cold for the kids, but as you can see from the pictures, it was so warm that we didn't even need coats. Our kids got along great and we had a really fun day riding the train and carousel and seeing all the animals.

Group Photo

Jacob thought it was funny that it looked like Sponge Bob was eating his head

Ellie caught in a spiderweb

Jacob pretends to be a turtle

Jacob and Mimi on the train


Ellie, Ethan, and Jacob

Pumpkins by the picnic area

Jacob, Mommy, and Emmaline

Ellie and Mimi

And now a video to make your day a little brighter:

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Emily said...

I love emmy's face in that video!! I showed it to Katy and she said, "I need to go to the zoo." She "needs" to do a lot of things these days. :)

And that's so exciting about her new steps!! What a big girl! She really seems like she has changed so much in the last month or so...from baby to toddler. *tear*