Thursday, October 23, 2008

Seeing Sarah Palin

I write the following to share what we did today, not to start a political discussion.

Today we were able to see Sarah Palin speak when she came to Troy, Ohio. A friend from our Down syndrome group got us tickets, so we dropped Jacob and Ellie off at Nathan's grandparents' house in the morning and headed to Hobart Arena with Emmaline. I've been a fan of Governor Palin's even before she was picked as McCain's running mate, partly because of her very conservative values, but also because she's the mother of a Down syndrome child, like me. It was neat to hear her speak and I think that she has the potential to do great things for children with special needs if she and Senator McCain are elected.

Emmaline and Daddy waiting in line

Emmy is excited to be in out of the cold

Emmaline snacks while Daddy texts to pass the time

Governor Palin gave a great speech

Waving to the crowd

The excitement really wore Emmy out

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jsmith said...

Great pictures! It would be exciting to see a Vice-Presidental candidate speak regardless if you were "for" or "against" them. Glad you guys got to go!