Monday, October 13, 2008

Tooth Fairy, Are You For Real

Jacob lost his first tooth today. It's been loose for weeks, so he was excited that it finally fell out today. I told him to put it under his pillow so that the tooth fairy would bring him a treat, and he told me that Daddy and I are the tooth fairy. He is growing up too fast! Don't worry, he still found money under his pillow when he woke up in the morning.


Becky :) said...

NO WAY he is old enough for that! I actually teared up when I read this one. I remember so well how you longed and ached for Jacob and the complete joy we all felt when we got the news that he was on the way! What a journey, and it is going by too fast!

Gwen Ernst said...

Wow, big things happening in the Curley household...first steps and lost teeth! We are STILL waiting for our Jake to lose any teeth and he just turned 7 last week.