Monday, January 5, 2009

Goodbye Until May

This morning, my baby brother (okay, he's 23 now, but still...) deployed to Iraq with his Air National Guard Squadron. He'll be gone until May which isn't terribly long, but we'll still miss him. We are so proud of Andy as he serves our country. Please keep him and all of our troops in your prayers. We're counting down the days until we see him again.

Packing the van to drive to Blue little luggage for 5 1/2 months!
The Sign at Andy's base in Blue Ash, near Cincinnati
Giving Dad a goodbye hug
Until May...


Ben, Michele, Claire, Anna said...

Okay... the pic of your Dad hugging your brother made me tear up. Praying for Andy as he serves our country & defends our freedom. Thnak you Andy!

Pam said...

Jen, I'm not a religious person but I'm doing my own version of praying for him and your family that he comes home safe.