Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Snow Day!

It didn't snow much today, but the kids still had a blast! We met my sister, Dee, and nephew, Colton, at Mom and Dad's for lunch (yummy grilled cheese and tomato soup). Then, we hit the slopes with the kids. It was more of a small incline in the backyard, but it was enough for the kids to tube down. They made snowballs, played in the fort, and outlasted all the adults in the cold. Afterwards, we all enjoyed homemade hot chocolate (thanks Mom!).

Ellie gets kisses from Papaw
Emmaline thought it was funny to drop the tinker toy pieces down the heating vent.
She had amassed quite the collection when they opened it up.
Jacob does some tubing
One Sweet Girl and Two Silly Boys
Colton and Ellie
In the Fort
Climbing the Ladder
My Snow Angel

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