Monday, February 9, 2009

Bunk Beds

The girls made their official transition to bunk beds tonight. I think it will work out well, if we can get Emmaline to stay in bed and if we can get Ellie to remember to avoid the ceiling fan. The above pic. was taken before we had the beds put together. It has a really neat staircase with drawers built into it instead of the usual ladder. Thankfully, the bottom step is too steep for Emmy to climb, or we'd really be in trouble. The new bedding has been ordered and we need to move a couple of things on the wall. I'll post the completed look when it is finished. Now Jacob is asking when he gets bunk beds in his room (hint, hint, Aunt Katie...).

The Bunk Beds, complete with two sleeping children

Sleeping Beauty


Gwen Ernst said...

Yay on the new bunk beds! Dan made bunk beds for our girls back in the fall, although Lydia has been sleeping on the bottom because Claire is still in her crib. Partly this is due to my being not ready to make the trasition has not tried to climb out, but I also think Claire will have a hard time herself, when the time comes...she LOVES her crib. How has Emmy done since you posted this? Stayed in bed for the most part?

Jake got a new (to him) bunk bed too, and we had to make sure he was aware of the fan as well.

Gwen Ernst said...

I meant to say 'since Claire has not tried to climb out."