Saturday, February 7, 2009

The End of an Era & Transition

It was with a sad heart that I disassembled the crib today. Knowing that Emmaline is most likely our last baby, it was a little hard for me to take it apart since we probably won't be using it again. I can't bring myself to part with it yet, so it has been relegated to the attic with the other baby stuff. That crib has been used by all three of our kids and bears the teeth marks from Jacob, but I suppose one day I'll be ready to pass it on (or throw it out!)...not just yet, though!

With the crib out of the way, we are in the process of putting together the girls' new bunk beds that Nathan's parents graciously bought for us. Unfortunately, it's taking longer than we expected, so Emmy has been napping in her pack 'n play (she's almost too long for it!) and Jacob and Ellie are using Granddaddy's old cots set up in his room. They pretend they are camping out and it's working much better than I expected.

Napping in Jacob's room
(Kinda looks like she's flashing a gang sign?!)
A Tender Moment Between Siblings
(Wish these happened more often!)

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