Thursday, February 12, 2009

Celebrating Valentine's Day

Since Nathan works on Valentine's Day, we decided to celebrate with the kids today. We let them pick where we went to lunch (surprisingly, they picked Wendy's) and then we spent several hours at our local children's museum. All three had a blast playing together and it wasn't crowded at all so we didn't feel rushed. Since today was our normal date night (Nathan's parents watch the kids for us every Thursday evening), we decided to splurge and eat at Cheesecake Factory for our Valentine's dinner. We didn't have to wait for a table and had a really good time enjoying some grown-up conversation over dinner and yummy cheesecake.
Daddy and his kiddos
Mommy and the kids
Ellie and Jacob on the rope ladder
Grocery shopping at the store
The otters were funny and friendly
Mommy and the girls making music
Emmy in the blocks
Emmaline next to her birthstone, the amethyst (can't believe she'll be two next week!)
Gotta love the water table

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