Monday, August 24, 2009

The Great Darke County Fair

We took a break from school work today to head to the Darke County Fair with my family (which was very educational, by the way!). The weather was the best it's ever been, extremely comfortable and sunny. We saw lots of animals, rode lots of rides, and ate more than our share of fair food. It was a wonderful time!
Enjoying a Texas tenderloin from Bowman's
Emmaline and Daddy on the merry-go-round
Aunt Katie and Ellie on the Sizzler
(Quote from childhood: "The ride is starting and my hair is falling out!" Only Katie and Emily will get this!)
Emmaline loved riding the rides with big sister and brother.
She would smile and wave every time she passed us.
Enjoying cotton candy, Fiske fries, Betty's elephant ears and funnel cakes, and lemon shake-ups before heading home

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Emily said...

I can totally picture you guys saying that line while you are on the scrambler - hilarious!

I had a thought - is it possible for my to subscribe to your blog via email, since I have a hard time coming to check? If it's not too difficult...when you go to post, one of the tabs says "email" and you can enter up to 5 addresses to whom the blog is emailed to. Pretty please, could you enter mine? :) No big deal if it doesn't work out.