Sunday, August 16, 2009

Our New School Room

I am embarrassed to post the above picture, but it helps you truly appreciate what the basement school room looks like now. It took several weeks to get everything cleaned and organized. A big thank you goes out to my dad for installing and wiring new lights and outlets so we could get rid of the extension cords that were strewn everywhere. I am excited to have a place reserved just for school and can't wait to get the new school year started.
My corner with all of the workbooks and extra supplies
The computer desk
New Desks - Ellie's is purple and Jacob's is green
These desks were ones that Nathan and I used in elementary school at Dayton Christian. I taught there for 4 years before we had kids and the school replaced them while I was working there. I took 4 home with me. 1 resides in our dining room, 2 are in the basement now, and 1 is left in my parents' garage. They have graciously stored them for us all these years.
The School Room

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