Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Dermabond = Not for finger wounds...

Poor Jacob! We took the bandages and splint off last night, per the ER doctor's instructions and did not like what we saw. The Dermabond did not hold on one side and his finger was red, puffy, and swollen. This morning we took him to the pediatrician to get her opinion and she was not happy. Apparently, you aren't supposed to use Dermabond on things that move (i.e., FINGERS!), and it is too late to stitch the wound closed now. Jacob was starting to get an infection due to the open wound, so he is now on antibiotics. We also have to keep his finger wrapped and splinted for at least another week, in hopes that the steri-strips will help the wound close. We put a complaint into the hospital for the improper treatment Jacob received in the ER and someone called us back within an hour. Who knows what will happen, but I feel sorry for Jacob who can't participate in martial arts and other activites because of his injury.

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