Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Flour and Fruit

Every fall, we head to Cowan Lake to spend time with family. One of our staple breakfasts is Buckwheat Pancakes made using my Grandpa Jacob's recipe on a 100-yr.+ iron griddle. After several failed attempts at getting buckwheat flour from Clifton Mill, Mom decided we should take a road trip to Bear Creek Mill. It was a beautiful fall drive as we headed into the country. We took a tour of the mill, got the flour for our upcoming trip, and then headed to Brumbaugh Farm. Nothing says fall like apples, so we bought a bushel of Cortland apples to make applesauce, some cider to drink, and some apple fritters for a snack before we headed home. It was a fun and yummy fall day!Grinding flour with a mortar and pestle
Ellie loved this cast-iron mouse
Emmaline in the woods

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