Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Best Christmas Present Ever

All 3 of the kids participated in the Christmas program at church tonight.  Emmaline sang with the preschoolers and did a great job.  She can't sing most of the words, but she know the motions that go with the songs better than most of the kids.  She really stole the show and made everyone clap after each song they sang.

Jacob and Ellie both had parts in the older kids' program.  Ellie sang a solo and was an angel in the nativity scene at the end of the show.  Jacob played a Wise guy, sang a solo, and was a wise man in the nativity scene.  Everyone did so well and we were really proud of them.  

These shows bring back so many great memories from when I was growing up in the same church and singing in programs on the same stage.  My friend, Emily, and I had solos and various speaking parts in every program from kindergarten through junior high.  I'm hoping the kids will have as many fond memories of these programs as I do!

 Love them so much! 
 Emmaline clapping after one of their songs
 Ellie singing her solo
 Jacob during his solo
 Time for cookies
 Ellie and Emma
Nathan and Jacob

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