Friday, March 6, 2009

Afternoon at the Park

We were supposed to take Emmaline to get her 2-yr. pictures taken today, but she fell and scratched her face yesterday, so we're postponing that until later in the month. Since we had a free day (no school work and no therapy), we took the kids to lunch at Chick-fil-A and then to a park. Emmaline fell asleep on the way to the park, so I read a magazine in the van while she napped. On the way home, we stopped at Ritter's to get dessert and take it home. Apparently, I wasn't supposed to have any because part of my smoothie spilled in the van and the rest ended up all over the kitchen floor when Ellie was reaching for her sundae. Here are some pics. of the kids enjoying the windy day at the park:

Jacob behind bars

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