Saturday, March 21, 2009

Fireproof Your Marriage


As I've already pointed out, "Fireproof" is my new favorite movie. Nathan's parents' church just happened to be having a couples' weekend, so we decided to go (I couldn't pass up a chance to see Kirk Cameron on the big screen!). We spent our first night EVER away from the kids last night (not counting my lovely kidney stone experience last September) and had a wonderful time.

On Friday, we had dinner at Cheesecake Factory with friends, Steve and Hollie. Nathan and Steve work together and Hollie and I get along really well. After dinner, we headed to Patterson Park Church. The auditorium was decorated like a wedding reception and a photographer took our picture as we entered. During the intermission of the movie, we enjoyed yummy wedding cake and punch.

On Saturday, the church provided breakfast. We attended 3 sessions (all based on themes from the movie), and then Chick-fil-A catered lunch. It was good to get away even for a short period of time and we decided that we need to do it more often in the future!

Before lunch, we watched this funny "commercial" for Chick-fil-A. Hope you enjoy it!

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