Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Camping at Cowan Lake, Day 2

The cicadas (or "shicadas" as Ellie liked to call them) were out in full force. You could hear their very loud singing for several hours every afternoon and couldn't walk anywhere without stepping on their shells.

Emmaline and Daddy snuggle by the campfire in the morning.

Daddy gives Ellie a ride back from the restroom.

Papaw and Emmy

Ellie and Jacob show off their treats from the commissary.

Emmaline is ready for the beach.
Mimi and Emmaline

Gabrielle and Jacob spent lots of time in the lake.

Emmy and Mommy enjoy the shade

Building a sandcastle with Aunt Katie

Roasting marshmallows...every time we had a fire going, the kids thought that they should roast marshmallows. We went through ALOT of marshmallows!

S'mores are the best!
We ate lots in honor of my friend, Emily. S'mores were always her favorite when she came camping with us when we were growing up.

1 comment:

Emily said...

Ahhh...I wish I had S'mores all over my face, too.

All those pictures bring back memories. Any time to play peanut with 3 kids?