Monday, June 16, 2008

Tu-"be" or not Tu-"be"

Emmaline went for a hearing test and to see the ENT dr. 6 weeks ago. He noticed some clear fluid in both her ears. She had a cold at the time, so he wasn't too concerned, but wanted to see us back in a few weeks to see if the fluid had drained or not. We went back today and the fluid is still there, so Emmaline will be having surgery to insert tubes into both ears in the near future. They did another hearing test while we were there and noted that both ears were testing at 30 decibels (mild loss). Her right ear usually tests at 15-20 (within the normal range), but her left ear usually tests at 50 decibels (moderate loss), so this is the best that that ear has ever tested. Maybe a little fluid isn't such a bad thing!

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Emily said...

Clever title :)

Let us know when the surgery will be so we can pray. Hopefully getting the tubes will clear the fluid and improve her hearing - that would be great!