Saturday, June 14, 2008

Father's Day Eve

After the birthday party, we met my family at Outback for dinner to celebrate Father's Day. The food was yummy, especially the sauteed mushrooms on my steak and Nathan's blue cheese chopped salad! We walked around the shopping strip afterwards and got dessert at Maggie Moo's. I had the best sundae ever: cinnamon ice cream (my absolute favorite!) with toffee pieces, mini chocolate chips, and caramel sauce. I was in heaven!

Dad reads his card from the grandkids

Jacob drew Papaw and airplane (top) and Ellie drew some balloons (bottom)

Katie, Gabrielle, Andy, Jacob, Mom, and Dad

We sat at a high-top table, so they had to stack 3 highchairs to make Emmaline the same level as the table!
Jacob enjoys his "Hulk" sundae from Maggie Moo's
Emmaline helped Aunt Katie eat her Reese's pieces ice cream.
Gabrielle was a mess after eating her "Cotton Candy" cone...Daddy got the privilege of cleaning her up!

Emmaline and Aunt Katie

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Emily said...

That is hilarious about the stacked high chairs! I've never seen that before, and always assumed that we couldn't sit at the high tops if we had a kiddo with us... who knew...

And Emmaline's pictures look great. She's such a happy girl. I can't believe she's already 15 months!