Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Indianapolis Zoo

It wouldn't be vacation without a stop at the zoo. We saw a dolphin show, rode the train, and looked at lots of neat animals.

Posing with the sea lions

Touching sharks

Watching the polar bear

The meerkats were a big hit...check out Emmaline's face!

The boys on the train

The girls on the train

Jacob got to feed some sweet potato to a giraffe

Enjoying some cotton candy before we headed home

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Bird said...

I'm sure your email address is on here somewhere, but I couldn't find it, so I thought I'd just post my answer right here!

I can't remember how old Emmaline is, so this program might be too remedial for her, but we're doing Doman's math program. Basically, it's just showing children quantities. It's outlined in the Book, "Teach Your Baby Math" and the website Has sheets you can print out for any quantity you want. If your children are older then I'd go with the closest you can get to Montessori methods. I taught math for a couple of years and that's why I'm going with this method--quanitity before symbols.

Hope that answers your question.

That picture of Emmaline in pink shirt is just too cute, BTW--she looks like she's about to get into some mischief!