Tuesday, September 30, 2008

S'mores, Anyone?

Thanks to Hurricane Ike's path through Ohio earlier this month,
there were plenty of downed limbs for us to use as fire wood.

Mom prepares for some "extreme" wood collecting.

Andy and his girlfriend, Alora, enjoy some sweet treats.

Mimi and Ellie roast marshmallows.
Ellie likes her marshmallows barely warm and was instructing everyone else on how to roast their's just right.

We do the traditional s'mores, but we also started making them using fudge-stripe cookies instead of the graham crackers and chocolate. Jacob thinks they're yummy!

Andy and Katie duel with marshmallows.

Emmaline was content to munch on graham crackers.
Next year, though, I'm sure she'll want the real thing.

My sticky and sweet Gabrielle

This post is dedicated to my friend and s'more lover, Emily, who made many trips to Cowan Lake with my family when we were growing up.

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Emily said...

Ah...thanks! I wish I could be there - no finer folks to enjoy s'mores with! And now there's a whole new generation to appreciate the finest delicacy of pure sugar and grahams. :)