Sunday, December 7, 2008

MVDSA Christmas Party

This afternoon we went to the Miami Valley Down Syndrome Association Christmas party. The kids got to see Santa and each got a small snowglobe. Jacob accidently dropped and broke his within minutes, so we gave him Emmaline's since she's too little for it. Overall, I was really disappointed this year. We were going to stay for pizza, but there were no places to sit, so we ended up leaving and hitting the drive-thru at Arby's on the way home. The whole reason that we went was so Emmaline could get her calendar (which she is pictured in) from Santa. The lady in charge sold off all but 30 of them which she passed out at the party to all of the people with Down syndrome. Well, 35 people with DS showed up, so they ran out of calendars and Emmy didn't get one. Not a big deal because I was able to buy some before the party, so she still has one, but I was still bummed because I really wanted a picture of her getting her special gift from Santa.

Ellie and Jacob with their gifts from Santa

Emmaline waiting in line for her calendar that she didn't get

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