Saturday, December 6, 2008

Very Veggie Christmas

Today, our church held its 5th annual Very Veggie Christmas. It is a neat outreach to the community. Parents drop their kids off at our church and get to spend 3 hours doing whatever they want, i.e., Christmas shopping. Meanwhile, the children do crafts, watch a Veggie Tales movie (this year it was "The Toy that Saved Christmas"), sing Christmas songs, shop for two gifts in our free store (all items are donated), eat lunch, and play games. Mom and I volunteered at the registration desk again this year. It's great because we are only busy for the first hour and then I get to roam the church taking pics. of the kids. Jacob and Ellie had a wonderful time with their friends and are really excited about the presents they picked out for Nathan and me. Emmaline was good too, although it was much easier to watch her last year when she wasn't mobile.

Emmaline and Bob the Tomato

Ellie (in the yellow shirt) making silly faces during song time

Jacob singing songs

Ellie ready to make her candy cane ornament

Jacob loved playing freeze tag

By the end of the day, Emmy was climbing on the furniture and taking her shoes off

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