Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Jacob started Awana tonight and he is loving it. He goes while the rest of our family is at home group. At first he wasn't happy that he would miss home group, but once he found out it was like vacation Bible school, he was excited. It only took him one night to earn his vest (he had to say John 3:16 from memory). He can memorize really easily and is very motivated to earn his patches for the vest by learning other Bible verses.


Emily said...

Katy's doing AWANA this year, too! She's in Cubbies, wears a blue vest. Doesn't it remind you of Whirleybirds? The vests are slightly cooler than the beanies. And sewing the patches on reminds me of girl scouts.

Is that at BCC or another church?

Jen said...

Mom and I said the same thing. Wasn't Whirlybirds fun?! I told Jacob I would dig my beanie out of the attic for him to look at. BCC still doesn't offer anything like that for the kids, so we take him to Patterson Park, Nathan's parents' church.