Wednesday, October 14, 2009

In Stitches

It started out like a normal day. Emmaline had speech therapy and Nathan had court, so I took Jacob and Ellie with me. When we were done, Nathan met us at the library to pick out some new books and movies. After that, we decided to go out for lunch at Schlotzky's Deli, one of our favorite sandwich places.

We got to the restaurant and enjoyed a nice meal. The kids were fairly well-behaved, and I commented on how quiet and well-mannered Ellie was being. About 15 minutes later, she tripped over her own feet and went head-first into the seats of one of the chairs. We knew immediately it would need stitches, so Nathan applied pressure while I called the doctor's office. They don't do stitches, so they sent us to Urgent Care down the road. Problem was that the Urgent Care they sent us to was only a testing center. The other Urgent Care didn't open until 3 (it was now 1:30 pm), so we decided to just take her to the emergency room at Children's. Thankfully, my parents were home, so we dropped off Jacob and Emmy, on the way.

Our arrival at Children's was perfect timing. They saw Ellie was still bleeding, so they took us to a room to check in and then we went straight back to the suture room. Thank God we didn't have to sit in the ER waiting room with the rest of the really sick people! Ellie's wound was deep enough that it required 5 stitches inside and 15 outside. The doctors and nurses were great and we were out of there in 2 hours.

Her stitches come out next Wed., then we have to cover it with steri-strips for 3 weeks and then keep it covered with medical paper tape for another year. Who knew trying to prevent scarring was so much work?! Ellie is feeling fine tonight, just really tired from the days events. Things could have been so much worse and we are thankful that she was protected from any further injury.
Waiting in the Suture Room
All Stitched Up

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