Monday, October 26, 2009

Testing and an Impromptu Hike

Today, Jacob had his first-ever formal testing done. All 2nd graders in the K12 program took the test today to see what areas they need to concentrate on for the rest of the school year. Someone told me the test would take about 1 hr. WRONG! It took Jacob over two hours to complete and he wasn't even one of the last ones to be finished. Nathan and I didn't bring nearly enough to do and there were no chairs to sit on in the hallway, so our backsides were a tad sore! Besides having to move to another table for talking (no surprise!), Jacob is confident that he did his best.

Mom and Dad watched the girls while we were with Jacob, so we picked them up and went to Marion's for yummy pizza and salad. The weather was so nice out that we decided to take a hike around Hills & Dales Park.
Momma and her kiddos
Mimi, Papaw, and the kids
Ellie and Papaw (on the bridge in the background)
Emmaline playing in the leaves

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