Sunday, October 18, 2009

To the ER Again!

Although she was supposed to be in bed, Ellie thought it would be a good idea to put a band-aid on top of her stitches. She then tried to remove said bandage and it ripped out two of her stitches. I have a pretty strong stomach, but this almost made me toss my cookies. It wasn't so much the open wound, it was more thinking of her in pain and all the crying that goes along with it if they decided to restitch it. A mom can only take so much in one week!

Nathan took her to the ER again, where thankfully, the nurses recognized him (he's there a lot for work) and the suture room was open, so they avoided the waiting room full of sick people. The doctors opted not to restitch the top and just steri-stripped it since the stitches are coming out on Wednesday anyway.

I'm hoping she's learned her lesson!

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Stephany said...

Super cute pictures, Jen. Your kids are so adorable and really take good to a camera!