Thursday, February 21, 2008

Party at LaRosa's

In honor of Emmaline's 1st birthday, we met our families at LaRosa's for pizza. Although the weather was awful outside (more snow!), we were able to enjoy a nice time with everyone inside. After pizza, we munched on cookies while Emmaline opened a few presents. Then we headed home to open a few more presents. Now that the actual day is over, we begin preparing for the big party!

Jacob, Uncle David, and Emmaline

Jacob, Gabrielle, and Cousin Colton

The Two Andys:
The one on the left is my brother and the one on the right is my nephew

Emmaline enjoys a birthday cookie...her first taste of sugar!

Emmy loved this gift looks just like the old Fisher-Price farm set, complete with door that "moos" when you open it. She cried when I took the bag away from her!

Playing with her shapes boxes from Auntie Angel and Uncle Gary

Emmy and her first set of dishes

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