Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Flowerbed Makeover

Our back flowerbed in the backyard was in desperate need of help. It had a butterfly bush that was beautiful in its prime, but has not bloomed in the past two years. It also had some creeping flocks that needed a trim. It took us two days, but we were able to do the following: pull up all old plants, but down a weed barrier, plant new plants - two burning bushes, a few flowers to attract butterflies, some creeping flocks, and tiger lilies (from another flowerbed), move the birdbath, spread mulch, and put up a new fence. Here are some before/after pics:

What a weedy mess!

Jacob shows off his new work gloves

Gabrielle shows her new gardening tools

Playing in the middle flowerbed (The birdbath used to be in the middle by the kids. We plan to take this flowerbed out this spring to widen the yard some.)

I'm not sure how she does it, but every time she is outside, Ellie ends up with dirt all over her face!

Nathan installs the new fence

All finished! Doesn't it look better?!
I plan to take more pictures as the season goes on and the flowers start to bloom.

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