Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sun Watch Indian Village

Today we took the kids to Sun Watch Indian Village near our house. We could get in free with our children's museum membership and figured it would be good to enjoy the nice weather before the rain came. Amazingly, I've never been there even though I've lived here my entire life. The place was empty, so we got lots of personal attention while we were there. First, we watched a short kids' video that explained the history of the village. Then, we walked around the small museum to see models and artifacts found at the site. Next ,we headed outside to see the village. The Fort Ancient Indians lived here for approximately 15 years and then headed someplace else, probably because they had used up all of the resources here. Although it was pretty hot (it's not supposed to be 80 degrees in April!), it was neat to get a glimpse of how these prehistoric (before written history) people lived.

A look at the village
This tall post acted as a calendar and helped the Indians know the best times to plant their crops.

Ellie and Jacob by a fire pit. Every hut had a fireplace in the middle that was used for cooking and heat.

The kids and me

A model of what the village might have looked like

Although flowering trees are killing Nathan's allergies right now, we both agreed that this one was really pretty.

The kids and Nathan by one of the huts

Emmaline was happy to hang out in the stroller...she even took a nap!

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