Thursday, April 3, 2008

Let's Go Krogering!

Okay, so I'm not one to post about the good deals I get while shopping, but I couldn't resist sharing the awesome trip I had today at Kroger. They were having a Mega Event where if you purchased 10 items from their list, you instantly got $5 of you bill. And you could do this deal up to 3 times, which I did. In the past couple months, I've taken meals to friends 6 different times and have two more (that I know of) coming in the next month. I decided to stock up on some of the things I tend to use for that kind of thing so I'll be prepared when those occasions present themselves. Here is what I bought:

2 bottles of salad dressing

3 pkgs. goldfish crackers

2 Pillsbury cinnamon rolls (I had a coupon for one of them)

2 Pillsbury pizza crusts (I had a coupon for both)

2 cans Progresso soup (again, coupon for both)

3 cans Campbell's soup (coupon for all 3)

1 pkg. diced ham

2 Pillsbury crescent rolls 4 ct. (coupon for both)

2 cans Manwich

4 pkgs. Betty Crocker pouch cookie mix (I had 4 coupons for these)

1 jar dill pickles

3 boxes Betty Crocker brownie mix

3 boxes Betty Crocker muffin mix

1 Betty Crocker cake mix and frosting (I had a coupon for these)

1 pkg. Lean Pockets

green grapes

green onions

2 boxes donuts (2/$3 - these were picked out by Jacob!)

3 pkgs. Kraft shredded cheese

1 bar Kraft cheddar cheese

1 pkg. Aunt Jemima Griddle Cakes (I had a coupon)

3 boxes mac 'n cheese (3/$1)

1 Tombstone pizza

2 containers Cool Whip
1 pkg. bakery mini croissants

The total before coupons/discounts/etc. was $118.96.

The total AFTER all discount was $56.31.

I saved a total of 52% on our grocery bill (which totally crushes our old record of 34%).

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Emily said...

I keep reading about this super sale at Kroger on other people's blogs. Too bad I'm not in the shape to make a mega shopping trip, because it sounds like a good one!