Friday, April 25, 2008

Newport Aquarium

Jacob was working toward a goal and reached it this week, so he decided that he wanted to go to the Newport Aquarium for his treat. Since Katie works just across the river in Cincinnati, she took a half day off work to meet us. We had our traditional lunch at Dewey's Pizza and then headed to see the fish. Bob Evan's happened to have coupons for free kids admission (with adult ticket purchase), so we only had to pay for Nathan and myself (a $24 savings!).

Ellie watches them make pizzas at Dewey's

Family Photo

Jacob touches a sea star

Ellie does too

Jacob and an alligator snapping turtle...he is really excited that our children's museum will have one visiting for a week this summer.

When my sister picked up Ellie so she could see over the railing, Ellie said (rather loudly), "Aunt Katie, don't throw me in!"

Aunt Katie and Emmaline watch a shark ray. One of the highlights of our visit was getting to watch the scuba divers feed the shark rays, Scooter and Sweet Pea.

Jacob pets a shark

Enjoying ice cream from Cold Stone Creamery

The kids and their balloons
In the neighborhood that my sister lives in, the stores stay open late on the last Friday of every month. We went to a neat kids bookstore, the Blue Manatee, and the kids got balloons made from a girl on stilts. A great finish to a fun day!

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Emily said...

We need to go there sometime, I know Katy would love it. The aquarium is always her favorite part of the zoo. Nice mini vacay!