Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Please Pray

I don't usually post prayer requests on my blog, but thought that this one needed to be prayed about by as many people as possible. Janet, a friend from church, was just diagnosed with invasive breast cancer yesterday. She is a mommy to 5 great kids (ages 15-5 1/2) and has been my personal mentor in regards to homeschooling (she teaches all 5 of her kids) and raising a special needs child (her oldest daughter has a chromosomal disorder and many other special

If you could pray for the following, I know that their family would greatly appreciate it:
1. That the cancer has not spread to anywhere else besides her breast & surrounding lymph nodes
2. That the daily chemotherapy (starting next week) would kill all of the cancer cells
3. That her husband, Mark, would remain strong and that he won't have to travel as much for work during this trial
4. That all of the needs of the kids (schooling, physical, etc.) would continue to be met while Janet undergoes treatment
5. That Janet would not become discouraged and that friends and family will surround her with the love and support she needs right now
6. That God would choose to miraculously heal Janet from this cancer
Thank you, in advance, for your prayers!

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