Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Sick Baby

When I walked into Emmaline's room to get her up from her nap, I was overwhelmed with a horrible smell. As I peered into her crib, I saw that her clothes and hair were covered in throw-up. Poor thing! It was evident that she didn't feel good because we couldn't get her to smile at all (very unusual for this usually happy baby). After a quick bath, I put her on the floor in the dining room so that I could run to the basement and put her crib bedding and clothes into the washer. When I came back upstairs, this is what I found:

Oh, to be this flexible and to have the ability to fall asleep anywhere!

Nathan and I are part of the new pastor search committe and were supposed to attend a meeting at church tonight, but Emmaline's sickness put a kink in our plans. I ended up staying home with Emmy (thankfully, my parents were already coming over to watch Jacob and Ellie) and holding her until I went to bed that evening. She was so worn out that she couldn't even hold her head up, so we spent lots of time cuddling.

Luckily, whatever virus she had didn't last long. Her stomach isn't quite back to normal, so her menu consists mostly of nursing and some baby cereal, but at least she is smiling again.

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Emily said...

Oh, poor baby! But I'm so excited to see her pulling to stand - what a big girl! She is such a cutie and a sweetie...