Thursday, August 21, 2008

18-months Old

Emmaline is 18-months old today. Where did the time go? My baby isn't so much a baby anymore. She went for her well check-up today and her doctor said that we made her day when she saw Emmy's progress. We have been so fortunate that she has been as healthy as she has thus far.

In the above picture, Emmaline is using her walker. It isn't a big deal for her to learn to use it because she'll be walking on her own in the next couple months. Her weekly PT just wants her to see that she can walk with some independence. She takes a few steps with it, but then realizes that she can crawl faster than she walks and resorts to crawling instead. We also met with her PT from the county that comes once/month. It is a good day when she says that she doesn't have any recommendations for us to work on at home because Emmy is doing so well.

Here are Emmaline's stats from the doctor:
Height: 31 inches (25%)
Weight: 20.3 pounds (5%)

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Emily said...

She's doing so great! And I can't believe she's 18 months already. What a big girl! She's going to be running circles around her siblings by winter.