Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Birthday Lunch at Chuck E. Cheese

We took Ellie to Chuck E. Cheese for lunch to celebrate her special day. We ate pizza and then the kids (and Nathan) had fun playing games. Emmy especially loved the rides. After lunch, we headed home and Ellie and Jacob played with her doll house while Emmaline napped. At dinner time, I made Ellie's favorite, spaghetti with homemade sauce. Her request for dessert was homemade strawberry shortcake with lots of whipped cream.

The Boys

The Girls

Ellie and Emmaline take a ride on Scoop

Emmaline loved the merry-go-round

Ellie and Jacob

Hi Birthday Girl!

Emmy takes the mouse for a spin

Daddy and Jacob

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!

Make a Wish!

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