Saturday, August 2, 2008

Summer Reading Program Party

The Summer Reading Program at our local library officially ended today. Since the kids read more than 30 hours, they were invited to a special party at Wegerzyn Gardens. There were games to play, a show to watch, snacks to eat, and a scavenger hunt to do. It was hot, but the kids still had fun.

Ellie enjoys an M&M cookie and lemonade

Jacob like playing with the water guns

Emmaline enjoyed the view from her stroller while she ate lunch

Hunting for flowers bigger than their heads

Hiding in flowers taller than they are

Jacob shows off his tattoo after finishing the scavenger hunt


Gwen Ernst said...

I always enjoy reading your blog. I amazed that we never run into each other, as go to many of the same places. I probably would have run into you at the Bug party, but I had to give Jake & Lydia the choice between that and hanging at Beth's neighborhood pool and they chose the later (which was easier for me too, with the gated kiddie pool). I wish we could have done both, but I run out of energy pretty quickly. Anyhow, I'm leaving you nice, long book. We should purposely get together sometime. I'm sure our kids would get along great and it would be fun to catch up with you.

Becky :) said...

I am so bummed! We earned the summer reading party, but it was the same time as our camping trip. It looks like you guys had fun.

Kelsey said...

Oh! Harper got the "invite" to that party but it was the day we left for vacation. :-( She was so sad to miss it. You are really great about getting out with the kids. There are so many neat things to explore in this area, but Michael doesn't travel well and with Harper's allergy it is sometimes easier to entertain ourselves at home. I am hoping it gets a little easier to take them out together as Michael gets older.