Friday, August 15, 2008

Our Other Pet

Most people know that we have a dog named Paige. However, if you've ever made a trip down to our basement, you've probably met our other pet, Linus, the 3 ft. ball python. Nathan was sent on a call about 5 years ago because someone found this snake under their trashcan and wanted the police to kill it (betcha didn't know that's what the police are for). Nathan knew what kind of snake it was (non-poisonous), so he brought it home and we've had it ever since. Today was tank-cleaning and feeding day (I won't show pictures of the decomposing mice that Linus likes), so Jacob got a chance to hold him while Nathan got things ready. He is a brave boy. I've never held the snake, but I have to admit that he is very fascinating to watch behind the glass walls of his tank.


Bird said...

Yick. I do NOT like snakes. Once at my husband's fraternity house someone's snake got out and it tooks weeks to find it--I was not a happy camper.

Pam said...

Nathan is a brave boy indeed. I have to ask, who named it Linus? That's hilarious & just perfect for a snake

Jen said...


I have to laugh at your comment because Nathan is my husband and a cop, so he'd better be brave.

We looked up name meanings when we got the snake and found a meaning for Linus that meant "scaled" or something to that effect, which seemed pretty fitting.

Becky :) said...

Great pic, I can't believe how big Linus is.

Ben, Michele, Claire & Anna said...

SO... this is the pet snake you were telling me about at the park the other day! He is pretty neat looking! Jacob is definitely an animal lover, isn't he?!?!

That is so fun that Ellie and I have the same birthday! Good day!! :-)

That is great that you had her almost 2 weeks early! I had both my babies 1-2 weeks early... PERFECT!!!

We will have to meet at the park soon!