Friday, March 7, 2008

Emmy's First PT Visit

Today was Emmaline's first visit to a private physical therapist. In spite of the weather, we braved the snow and headed to Midwest Therapy. Judy, her therapist, is great. She is in her mid 60's and reminds me of the grandmother-type. She was really impressed that Emmaline is doing all the things she is doing and with how strong she is. Weekly visits start next week, so keep checking back to hear about her progress.
After PT we headed to Wal-mart to stock up for the impending storm. It amazes me that we were at the park earlier this week and now, 4 days later, we are in midst of a blizzard warning. I must say that I am now tired of winter and think that my feelings are best summed up by fellow blogger, Erin.
If you live in our area, stay warm and stay safe. I'm sure I'll have pics. to post after the storm.

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