Sunday, March 23, 2008

Ready for Church

The kids looked so cute in their new outfits this morning. I bought a new dress, sandals, and even painted my toes, but it was so cold today that I didn't wear it. I figured I could wear it and freeze or wait until it was warmer and actually be comfortable. Comfort won out! Maybe I'll post a picture of my Easter outfit at a later date. Here are a few pics. we took before leaving for church.

Jacob looked pretty snazzy in his hat and tie. He said that he and Mr. Greg from church look like twins (although there are 50 some years between them!).

Gabrielle looked so pretty in her flower dress and headband. She loved carrying her matching purse too. Notice the socks and sandals.


Little Emmaline was so adorable. She looks great in yellow and her dress coordinated with big sister's.

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